Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-pain Technology

with Localized Cryotherapy


Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-pain Technology. Cryo Cork is bringing a fully portable Localized Cryotherapy Treatment that can be used at any location, called neurocryostimulation. The device we use is made in France by leading experts in cryotherapy (Cryonic). Carbon dioxide at -78°C and 50 bar pressure enable a drop in cutaneous temperature from 32°C to 4°C within 30 seconds, which has many health benefits.

Experience & Passion

Objectively Contour & Tone

What does it treat?

  1. Tendinopathy (epicondylitis),
  2. Neck pain, Back pain,
  3. Sciatica,
  4. Post-traumatic peri-articular oedema,
  5. Haematomas & oedema,
  6. Post-operative pain,
  7. Algodistrophy