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Pressotherapy is a modern, effective and painless lymphatic drainage method with a strong therapeutic effect in the treatment of cellulite and fatty deposits in the body.

€ 15

Recover faster with a treatment that comes in -180 degrees.

€ 25

Full of knots or just looking to relax? this is what you have been looking for.

€ 50

Cryostimulation on One area of the body – €25

Cryostimulation on Multiple areas – €45


Pressotherapy Lymphatic drainage and toxins removal 30 min – €30

Pressotherapy Slimming & Cellulite reduction 30 min – €45

Pressotherapy Add On to Another Treatment 30 min – €15


Therapeutic massage 1h – €60

Sports deep tissue massage 1h – €55

Relaxing massage 1h – €50

Back massage 30min – €35

Combine Treatments

1 h Therapeutic or sports massage + Cryostimulation – €65

30 min Therapeutic or sports massage + Cryostimulation – €50

Packages are available based on SIX treatments for the price of FIVE

Questions & Answers

What is Localized Cryotherapy?

Localized Cryotherapy is pressurized stream of CO2 ( carbon dioxide) at -78*C and 50 bars pressure and targeted to a specific body area drop in cutaneous temperature from32*C to 4*C within 30 seconds. 

When would I need pressotherapy?

Do you need recovery from your workout? Do you enjoy deep tissue and lymphatic massage therapy but don’t have an hour? Let our compression therapy relieve your muscle soreness, improve your circulation and decrease your muscle fatigue fast. Compression Therapy is ideal right after a workout, race, or event, especially after a long, arduous one. However, you can use the boots after a long day, anytime your body is feeling sore, or whenever you feel you need to reboot!

Why cryotherapy?

A Localized Cryotherapy session lasting only up to 3 minutes has benefits that exceed hours of traditional icing. The blood vessels constrict, immediately decreasing inflammation and swelling in the affected area by rapidly flushing the tissue of fluid and waste. As the body begins to warm, the area is flooded with regenerative blood flow. This allows for a greater range of motion in the targeted area as well. Localized cryotherapy can be applied directly to areas of the shingles rash in order to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area.  Localized cryotherapy can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.Almost any part of the body can be treated externally with the localized cryotherapy treatment. Some of the most common treated areas include the neck, upper back, lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and heel for plantar fasciitis.

Come reap the many benefits of Localized Cryotherapy such as pain reduction, decreased inflammation and swelling, and quicker recovery time.

What is Lymphatic Drainage (Pressotherapy)?

Lymphatic drainage is a well-established and clinically-proven therapeutic method that delivers immediate and visible results. Pressotherapy is a non-invasive treatment using a controlled compression system, which operates using inflating chambers of the device. It is a detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body’s natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while improving skin tone.

Can Cryotherapy help my recovery?

Absolutely! Depending on the severity of your injury, recovery times will vary, but most assuredly will be improved. Cryotherapy has been used in Europe, America and Asia for almost 30 years. There are numerous clinical studies and many are listed in the net. Professional athletes have made Cryotherapy an important part of their recovery treatment programs. 

What are the health benefits of Pressotherapy?

An increase of the lymph flow and blood circulation on the whole legs, it provides immediate leg comfort and lightness.

  • Helps prevent venous stasis 

  • Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis 

  • To enhance an extra-cellular fluid clearance

  • To reduce bloating, swelling and cellulite

  • To alleviate leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow throughout the whole body

  • To support kidney function (poor filtration and a hydro saline imbalance, can lead to possible accumulation of large quantities of fluid in the tissues)

  • To help with premenstrual oedema (oedema during menstrual periods is linked to the fluid-retaining effects of estrogen and progestin, pressure therapy during the periods quickly solves the problem)

  • To Improve loss of muscle tone in immobilized patients